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Build A Valuable Library Of Content

• Write better tweets• Attract a like-minded following• Build relationships with top real estate creators• Become a trusted authority in your real estate niche

For Real Estate Professionals (Investors, Agents, & Businesses)

Written by Bryce Garcia, a real estate investor, turned writer.Since writing on X, I've gained thousands of followers. But more importantly, I've earned over $10,000 (and just getting started).In this course, I share everything I've learned from top creators, across all niches, so you can grow your real estate business, network, and authority.

"I doubled my following in a month because of this course. I'm finally seeing traction after months of posting with 0 likes, 0 leads, and 0 systems"

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Day 1: Demolish The 8 Things Preventing You From Posting Valuable Real Estate ContentDay 2: How To Set Up Your Profile To Attract Like-Minded FollowersDay 3: Networking 101: Build Long-Lasting Relationships With Other Real Estate ProfessionalsDay 4: 5 Ways To Position Yourself As A Trusted Name In Your NicheDay 5: How To Never Run Out Of Real Estate Content To Post AboutDay 6: Writing 101: Capture Reader's Attention With Compelling TweetsDay 7: The Simple 5-Step System To Pump Out Amazing Content (An Autopilot)BONUS: My Top Lists Of Real Estate Related People To Follow, Networking With, And Study

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